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       A Self-Instruction Manual

       Author: Edwin L. Haislet
       Publisher: John R. Ormsby, Jr., copyright 1982
       Form: paperback, 5.5 x 8.25 in, 120 pages
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I.      The Fundamental Position 1
II.     The Art of Hitting 7
III.    Fundamental Blows and Blocks 14
IV.    Fundamental Footwork 30
V.     The Advanced Blows and Blocks 39
VI.    The Elements of Defense 48
VII.   The Elements of Attack 65
VIII.  The Counter Attack 72
IX.     Set-ups 85
X.      Ring Craft and Ring Generalship 94
XI.     How to Train for Boxing 100
          Index 119

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    The problem in boxing is not only which skills and techniques to learn, But when and how to learn them. Literature in any field at the present time seemingly ignores this problem. In any field where continued development rests upon the mastery of each element in its correct place, the learning sequence is all important. Great skill in boxing can result only through mastery of each technique in its proper place. There is a proper learning sequence in boxing which, if followed, allows a natural development to result. Ignore it and the development of skill is definitely limited.

    The learning sequence herein presented is the result of experiment and experience. It is not perfect and no doubt further experience will bring constructive changes. It is however, a sequence which seems to bring the quickest results and greatest skill with a minimum output of time and energy. Followed closely, it enable the student of boxing to continue as far as is desired, ability and determination being the only limiting factors.